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Your Horoscope for September, 1997

By: Anjali

NOTE: Please note that dates used for Jyotish (Zodiac) signs in this work are for the VEDIC JYOTISH (Zodiac). These dates differ from those used in popular media. Sun, in Vedic system transits into the next Jyotish sign during the middle of the month as opposed to the third week of the month in the Tropical system of astrology, which is more prevalent in the Western world. The festival of Makar Sankranthi celebrated widely in India on January 14th is to commemorate transit of Sun from Sagittarius (Dhanu) to Makar (Capricorn). This day is marked by many in India as beginning of the new year. Sun stays in one sign for about 28 - 30 days. Hence, the change of sign during the mid-month.

Those born at the cusp (13th - 18th ) of a month should consult their Vedic horoscope (Janma Kundalie) to get the right Sun Sign. You may request this service from me, ONLY IF YOU ARE BORN ON CUSP AND DO NOT HAVE A VEDIC HOROSCOPE. You need to provide your date, time & place of birth. You may have to wait 6 to 8 days to get my voluntary response. There will be no charge for this service and those not born on cusp will not be replied to. Please use EMAIL: Enter "Vedic sign" as subject.

*ARIES (April 15 - May 14) *TAURUS (May 15 - June 14)
*GEMINI (June 15 - July 14) *CANCER (July 15 - August 14)
*LEO (August 15 - Sept. 14) *VIRGO (Sept. 15 - October 14)
*LIBRA (Oct. 15 - Nov. 14) *SCORPIO (Nov. 15 - Dec. 14)
*SAGITTARIUS (Dec. 15 - January 14) *CAPRICORN (January 15 - February 14)
*AQUARIUS (February 15 - March 14) *PISCES (March 15 - April 14)

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*ARIES (April 15 - May 14)

You have a window of opportunity to take advantage of some lucky stars, Aries! This is one of those month when you learn to make lemonade out of lemons that life serves you. Your key gain in September is the gain of knowledge. Students among you will earn accolades for making a good start. Investors among you will find a crucial information to make gains in income. Politicians among will shine under the lime light that comes their way. You have declared a war against your domestic and business partners and truce can be expected after the first week, which for you Aries, can be a very chaotic time. Some Aries will become lucky parents of a brilliant boy who will grow up to be an independent thinker.

Good Days: 14, 24 Bad days: 1, 2

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*TAURUS (May 15 - June 14)

New residential arrangement occupies much of your energy during the first half of the month. You change your dwelling or it's arrangements to add more light and create a better accessibility. Mars in your 6th house has made you aggressive and restless. Misunderstandings in relationships may be dispelled after the 3rd weak, but you could still feel like a looser. Your strength in September lies in professional and public matters. You now get a chance to speak up and impress others with your innovative ideas. This may not bring immediate gains that you cherish, but foundation is in place for future rewards. Mid-month from 8th till 19th is your best period in September. You may use it for creative effort.

Good Days: 9, 11 Bad Days: 20, 30

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*GEMINI (June 15 - July 14)

This is a very adventuresome month for you Gemini! You set out to conquer an uncharted territory. This can be in the field of communications, and software. Mars brings you the capital support you need to build your dream. This is a rough terrain you have embarked on, don't expect a smooth sailing. One of your key challenge comes from the boss or the authority figures. They may lend you support after the first week. This is not a month to count on luck or unexpected help. Pure dedication and hard work is the only course for you this month. Financial rewards are favored for you during the first 3 weeks, but you have to aggressive and focus on metals defense and manufacturing.

Good Days: 20, 29 Bad Days: 4, 25

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*CANCER (July 15 - August 14)

You are going to find major fluctuations in your wealth in September. A retrograde Jupiter in your domain of relationships intensifies it's challenge and this has a bearing on your pocket book. At the same time you have an opportunity to reconcile your differences in September. A family dispute brings your support from parents and children. You may enhance beauty and comfort of your living quarters in September by either moving to a more attractive surrounding or by redecorating your home. Some of you get together with your mother and father. Your career or professional sector is illuminated by Mars and this can bring you a new start or enhancement of power.

Good Days: 4, 21 Bad Days: 9, 18

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*LEO (August 15 - September 14)

Good things get better for you Leo, come September. Except for some turbulence during the first and the last week, most of the month is a smooth sail for you. You feel at the top of the world now. Your presence is hard to ignore. You speak out with unprecedented charisma and gain positive results from your aggressive actions. You gain this month is not just financial but also spiritual. Whatever you say has force of conviction. Foreign travel may bring you resolution of long prevailing disputes. This is a good month for your partner. Married life has cheerful moments and a temporary separation from spouse could be due to business travel.. Your loving child leaves home and you may accompany her or him to a new start. Your finances are poised for a major gain in September. Things improve significantly after the 15th.

Good Days: 17, 18 Bad Days: 4, 27

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*VIRGO (September 15 - October 14)

The first half of this month may prove to be a minor challenge for you Virgo! Your gains during the first week disappoint you unless you can hold on till the 2nd week and then you are poised for a wind fall. Sudden expenses may take you by surprise this month. Some of you may take on a big business or real estate loan. A retrograde Jupiter in your house of knowledge cautions against making impulsive moves in money matters. Knowledge is your key to success. Your adventurous spirits could soar to new heights after the 3rd week and things are going to get even better in near future. You may loose money due to accidents involving automobiles and machines. You could also end a self-imposed isolation by reaching out communicating with long lost pals and loved ones. A brother may pay a surprise visit or give you a ring out of the blue.

Good Days: 25, 27 Bad Days: 7, 14

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*LIBRA (October 15 - November 14)

You may not be the front runner this month, but you still are one of the luckiest signs this month. Luck helps you in love and money matters this month. Chaos in your financial sector gives a boost to your bank account and certainly to your ego. A new love may suddenly enter your life, calling for a change in status-quo. Marriage is a distinct possibility after the 20th. Your professional life may suffer minor set-backs this month. You may travel after the mid-month.

Good Days: 1, 2 Bad Days: 8, 9

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*SCORPIO (November 15 - December 14)

This is month for you to focus on professional matters. Your prestige gets a boost as Sun transits through Leo. You may face some unfavorable publicity that takes you by surprise. None of this causes you lasting damage. You are poised for a victory in a dispute or lawsuit and this may bring you financial reward. Your financial gains come through a bonus, a raise or your stock options in September. There is also a possibility of luxury travel after the first week that may bring romance.

Good Days: 14, 22 Bad Days: 8, 26

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*SAGITTARIUS (December 15 - January 14)

Your benefactor Jupiter is retrograde in September and your lord of Income very strong. This is a month of major financial gains for you. You gain support from authority figures and success in matters related to government. Your professional life improves significantly after the mid-month bringing you the long-awaited rewards and gains. Some of you may gain a son this month or be very proud of one. Students among you will find new opportunities that are financially rewarding. You get much needed moral support from your spouse and business partners.

Good Days: 15, 16 Bad Days: 20, 28

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*CAPRICORN (January 15 - February 14)

This month brings you many rewards that enhance your self-esteem and your status. A new job could mean a new home or vice-a-versa. Financial rewards may come after the 3rd week. Health matters may sap some of your energies in September. Care should be taken to guard respiratory system. Your domestic sector is also illuminated this month, bringing you happiness and a new or newly modified home. A health related dispute may favor you and bring you financial compensation. Your children become famous in September. in marriage or business partnership. Children may require much of your attention after the second week.

Good Days: 18, 26 Bad Days: 2, 5

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*AQUARIUS (February 15 - March 14)

September could bring a long awaited marriage for some of you Aquarians. You meet your partner in an educational institution. You are very lucky this month and you know no limits to your ambitions. You are very proactive and you can rally support to your cause. Your status and prestige gets a boost after the 20th. However, chances for financial gains are not strong in September for you. Your strength this month lies in consolidating your power and starting a new project.

Good Days: 10, 11 Bad Days: 1, 16

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*PISCES (March 15 - April 14)

You are the lucky winner of kismet contest this month. You face challenge in your marriage and partnership sector. Misunderstandings lead to bickering an disputes. This is a month when your intuition is sharp and your spirituality is strong. Financial gains come to you through rewards or inheritance. You have a chance in September to increase your savings. September brings you new beginnings that you have waited for. Professional matters may bring limited gains.

Good Days: 12, 30 Bad Days: 1, 16

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