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Hi Everyone welcome to my site. As you may have expected I am a Chemist. Specialized in many areas of chemistry. For Ph.D. thesis, I worked on Organic Chemistry & Surface Chemistry. I have also worked on projects involving polymer chemistry, adhesives, sensors, electroluminescent devices,Steroids, Computational chemistry and many more. I have experince in teaching chemistry courses for many years and got numarous awards for teaching. I have indutrial experience working with pharmaceutical and fine chemical industry, Electroplating firm. I have also worked with company that keeps Computer database for chemistry I have used many instruments for my research like, 1-D & 2-D NMRs with Carbon, protons,FTIRs with ATR, DRIFT, reflections, transmission assemblies, X-Ray- Diffraction, BET surface area analysis, High vaccuum metal & organic depositors, GC-MS, HPLC, UV-Vis various chromatographic purification and identification techniques. I may be able to help you solve some of your problems. Post it on board here or enter chat room. You may check some of these chemistry connections to find more information and if you know any good site email me so I can add them here. Thanks again Enjoy Anil

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